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Gardens of Asgard

NORTH WOODS:: Herbal Infused Body Oil: 2oz

NORTH WOODS:: Herbal Infused Body Oil: 2oz

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An invigorating, grounding, moisturizing evergreen body oil to drift you away, deep into the Forest. This blend is made with pine, cedar, spruce & fir conifer needles to bring you into the heart of the Boreal Forest. This oil has a heavenly scent without the addition of any fragrances, and is deeply invigorating. This herbal-infused oil is beloved by both men & women! Herbal Body Oiling provides true nourishment to the skin, calms nerves + supports healthy nervous system function.

This formula is incredibly moisturizing also! How to Use Herbal Oils: Pour Small Amount into Palm + Rub over skin liberally, in the direction towards your heart Be kind to yourself.

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