About Us

Corneille et Corbeau is an online only lifestyle and wellness store inspired by mythology, fantasy and historical themes. We believe in forging an intentional life, welcoming spiritual growth, becoming closer to nature and protecting one’s energy in this fast-paced world. Our mission is to offer wellness products, home goods and handmade creations for all paths that bring spirituality and the wisdom of nature back to center. 

 Our major inspirations:

-Medieval song and poetry

-Norse and Celtic mythology

-Hildegard of Bingen

-Le Monastère des Augustines (Quebec, Canada)

-Dark Souls

-Plant wisdom in all its forms



-Nautical lore and the mysteries of the sea

-The Tarot

Corneille is french for crow, inspired by The Morrigan

Corbeau is french for raven, inspired by Odin

The owner, Livia Farron, is an artisan, musician, and budding herbalist based in Bas-St-Laurent, Quebec. Her origin story is in her lifelong love of mysticism, nature and experience in the organic food industry, but the raven and crow’s journey begins here 🌿


Freya's Disclaimer: Although I am studying to become a Master Herbalist, I cannot provide you with specific medical advice. Please consult with a licensed medical professional before using new herbal products, perform patch tests with any new skincare/body care products and always listen to your body!